Workshop: MacroMycoFunc - Forming an integrated understanding of function across fungi

Principal Investigators:

Mark P. Schildhauer, and Amy E. Zanne

Overview: Fungi are critical components of our world, contributing to ecosystem function and the global economy. As many fungi live out their lives at sizes smaller than can be perceived with the naked eye, there are large gaps in our knowledge related to the ecology and evolution of fungal diversity and function. It has only been in recent years with the advent of next-generation sequencing that we have begun to understand how fungal communities function in different ecological settings and how they have been structured over evolutionary time.... more

Participants and Meetings

Working Group Participants
ActivityDatesFurther Information
Working Group13th—17th August 2016Participant List  
Working Group20th—24th March 2017Participant List  
Working Group15th—17th August 2019Participant List  

Participant Contact Information

Michelle of California, Davis
Carlos Aguilar-Trigueroscalgit@gmail.comFreie University Berlin
Posy E. Busbyposybusby@gmail.comDuke University
Natalie Christiannschrist@umail.iu.eduIndiana University
Will K. of New South Wales
Tom Crowtherthomas.crowther11@gmail.comYale University
Dimitrios University
David HibbettDHibbett@clarku.eduClarkson University
Peter Kennedykennedyp@umn.eduUniversity of Minnesota
Daniel S. Maynarddaniel.maynard@yale.eduYale University
Amy M. Miloamymmilo@gmail.comGeorge Washington University
Habacuc Flores Morenohabacucfm@gmail.comUniversity of New South Wales
Henrik of Gothenburg
Brad Oberlebrad.oberle@gmail.comGeorge Washington University
Kabir Peaykpeay@stanford.eduStanford University
Jeff Sydney University
Mark P. Schildhauerschild@nceas.ucsb.eduUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
Jonathan Schillingschillin@umn.eduUniversity of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Jennifer Talbotjmtalbot@bu.eduBoston University
Kathleen K. Tresedertreseder@uci.eduUniversity of California, Irvine
Amy E. Zanneaezanne@gmail.comGeorge Washington University
Romina O.
Daniel L. Lindnerdlindner@fs.fed.usUSDA Forest Service
Stephen A. Smitheebsmith@umich.eduUniversity of Michigan
M. Catherine Aimemaime@purdue.eduPurdue University
Mary Berbeemary.berbee@gmail.comUniversity of British Columbia
Ignazio Carboneicarbon@ncsu.eduUniversity of North Carolina
Bryn Dentingerbryn.dentinger@gmail.comUniversity of Utah
Chris Todd Hittingercthittinger@wisc.eduUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
Timothy Jamestyjames@umich.eduUniversity of Michigan
Francois M. Lutzonifrancois.lutzoni@duke.eduDuke University
Marisol Sanchez Garciamarisol.sanchez.garcia@ebc.uu.seUppsala University
Joey Spataforaspatafoj@science.oregonstate.eduOregon State University
Jason Stajichjason.stajich@ucr.eduUniversity of California, Riverside
Nathaneal Walker-Halenathanael.walker.hale@gmail.comUniversity of Cambridge

Products: Publications, Reports, Datasets, Presentations, Visualizations

TypeProduct of NCEAS Research
Journal Article Zanne, Amy E.; Abarenkov, Kessy; Afkhami, Michelle; Aguilar-Trigueros, Carlos; Bates, Scott; Bhatnagar, Jennifer M.; Busby, Posy E.; Christian, Natalie; Cornwell, Will K.; Crowther, Tom; Moreno, Habacuc Flores; Floudas, Dimitrios; Gazis-Seregina, Romina O.; Hibbett, David; Kennedy, Peter; Lindner, Daniel L.; Maynard, Daniel S.; Milo, Amy M.; Nilsson, Henrik; Powell, Jeff; Schildhauer, Mark P.; Schilling, Jonathan; Treseder, Kathleen K. 2019. Fungal functional ecology: Bringing a trait-based approach to plant-associated fungi. EcoEvo Preprints. (Abstract) (Online version)
"Workshop: MacroMycoFunc - Forming an integrated understanding of function across fungi" is project ID: 12734