LTER: A synthesis to identify how metacommunity dynamics mediate community responses to disturbance across the ecosystems represented in the LTER network

Principal Investigators:

Eric R. Sokol, Christopher M. Swan, and Nathan Wisnoski

Metacommunity ecology considers both the local- and regional-scale factors that influence community assembly. Previous work has identified dispersal, niche differentiation, and habitat heterogeneity as crucial parameters that determine metacommunity dynamics and stability in response to disturbance. However, it remains unclear whether the parameter combinations that are predicted to confer stability do so over long time scales and across ecosystem types. The ecosystems in the NSF Long-Term Ecological Research (LTER) network vary in habitat heterogeneity;... more

Participants and Meetings

Working Group Participants
ActivityDatesFurther Information
Working Group16th—19th September 2016Participant List  
Working Group6th March 2017—10th March 2016Participant List  
Working Group14th—17th May 2018Participant List  
Working Group5th—9th November 2018Participant List  

Participant Contact Information

Riley Andraderkburnet@asu.eduArizona State University
Jesse Blanchardblanchje@fiu.eduFlorida International University
Dorothy Borowybdoro1@umbc.eduUniversity of Maryland
Bryan L. Brownstonefly@vt.eduVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Max Castoranicastorani@virginia.eduUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
Aldo Compagnonialdo.compagnoni@aggiemail.usu.eduRice University
Lauren M. Halletthallett@uoregon.eduUniversity of Colorado, Boulder
Benjamin C. Jantzenbjantzen@vt.eduVirginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
David S. Johnsondsjohnson@vims.eduVirginia Institute of Marine Science
Michael Kendrickkendrickmr@gmail.comUniversity of Alabama
John S. Kominoskijkominos@fiu.eduFlorida International University
Thomas Lamythomas.lamy27@gmail.comUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
Nina Lanylanynina@msu.eduDartmouth College
Tom E.X. Millertom.miller@rice.eduRice University
Sydne Recordsrecord@brynmawr.eduBryn Mawr College
Daniel C. Reeddan.reed@lifesci.ucsb.eduUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
Jennifer S. Rehagerehagej@fiu.eduFlorida International University
Eric R. Sokolesokol@battelleecology.orgUniversity of Colorado, Boulder
Marko Spasojevicmspaso@gmail.comUniversity of California, Irvine
Christopher M. SwanChris.Swan@umbc.eduUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore
Nicole Voelkervoelker1@umbc.eduUniversity of Maryland, Baltimore
Michael R. Willigmichael.willig@uconn.eduUniversity of Connecticut
Nathan Wisnoskiwisnoski@indiana.eduIndiana University
Phoebe Zarnetskeplz@anr.msu.eduMichigan State University
Luca Marazzilmarazzi@fiu.eduFlorida International University
Jonathan Tonkinjdtonkin@gmail.comOregon State University
Rolando Santosrsantosc@fiu.eduFlorida International University
Colin Averillcaverill@bu.eduBoston University
Shawn D. Taylorshawntaylor@weecology.orgWildlife Ecology and Conservation

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"LTER: A synthesis to identify how metacommunity dynamics mediate community responses to disturbance across the ecosystems represented in the LTER network" is project ID: 12749