Environmental impact and sustainability of global food systems

Principal Investigators:

Benjamin S. Halpern

This working group is conducting the first-ever comparison of the environmental impacts of the full suite of major food systems, a necessary first step to identify ways to achieve sustainable food production at local, regional, and global scales. All food production relies on natural resources and, thus, impacts the environment. Impact assessments to date have focused on either one food system, such as beef production, or one impact, such as greenhouse gas emissions, at a time. While valuable, these segmented assessments do not allow for holistic... more

Participants and Meetings

Working Group Participants
ActivityDatesFurther Information
Working Group1st—4th May 2018Participant List  
Postdoctoral Fellow4th September 2018—31st December 2019Participant List  
Working Group23rd—26th October 2018Participant List  
Working Group6th—9th May 2019Participant List  
Working Group10th—13th December 2019Participant List  

Participant Contact Information

Julia L. Blanchardjulia.blanchard@utas.edu.auUniversity of Sheffield
Lex BouwmanLex.Bouwman@pbl.nlPBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency
Richard S Cottrellrichardstuart.cottrell@utas.edu.auUniversity of Tasmania
Halley Froehlichfroehlich@nceas.ucsb.eduUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
Jessica Gephartjgephart@american.eduUniversity of Maryland
Benjamin S. Halpernhalpern@nceas.ucsb.eduUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
Caitlin Kuempelc.kuempel@uq.edu.auUniversity of Queensland
Marc MetianM.Metian@iaea.orgInternational Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
Daniel Morandaniel.moran@ntnu.noNorwegian University of Science and Technology
Kirsty L Nashkirsty.nash@utas.edu.auUniversity of Tasmania
Nis Sand Jacobsennissandjac@gmail.comNOAA, Northwest Fisheries Science Center
David R. Williamsd.r.williams@leeds.ac.ukUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
Peter B. McIntyrepbm3@cornell.eduCornell University
Johannes Többentoebben@gws-os.comNorwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
Melanie Frazierfrazier@nceas.ucsb.eduUniversity of California, Santa Barbara

Products: Publications, Reports, Datasets, Presentations, Visualizations

TypeProduct of NCEAS Research
Journal Article Halpern, Benjamin S.; Cottrell, Richard S; Blanchard, Julia L.; Bouwman, Lex; Froehlich, Halley; Gephart, Jessica; Sand Jacobsen, Nis; Kuempel, Caitlin; McIntyre, Peter B.; Metian, Marc; Moran, Daniel; Nash, Kirsty L; Többen, Johannes; Williams, David R. 2019. Opinion: Putting all foods on the same table: Achieving sustainable food systems requires full accounting.
"Environmental impact and sustainability of global food systems" is project ID: 12776