How habitat edges change species interactions

Principal Investigators:

William F. Fagan

Participants and Meetings

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Postdoctoral Fellow1st—30th November 1996Participant List  

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William F. Faganbfagan@glue.umd.eduUniversity of Washington

Products: Publications, Reports, Datasets, Presentations, Visualizations

TypeProducts of NCEAS Research
Journal Article Cantrell, S.; Cosner, Chris; Fagan, William F. 1999. Competitive reversals inside ecological reserves: The role of external habitat degradation. Journal of Mathematical Biology. Vol: 37. Pages 491-533. (Online version)
Journal Article Fagan, William F.; Cantrell, R.; Cosner, Chris. 1999. How habitat edges change species interactions. American Naturalist. Vol: 153. Pages 165-182. (Online version)
Journal Article Fagan, William F.; Cosner, Chris; Larsen, Elise A.; Calabrese, Justin M. 2010. Reproductive asynchrony in spatial population models: How mating behavior can modulate Allee effects arising from isolation in both space and time. American Naturalist. Vol: 175(3). Pages 362-373. (Online version)
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