Visiting Scientist

Principal Investigators:

Marcel Holyoak

Participants and Meetings

ActivityDatesFurther Information
Visitor28th May—2nd June 1996Participant List  

Participant Contact Information

Marcel Holyoakmaholyoak@ucdavis.eduUniversity of California, Davis

Products: Publications, Reports, Datasets, Presentations, Visualizations

TypeProducts of NCEAS Research
Presentations Holyoak, Marcel; Lawler, Sharon; Crowley, Philip H. 1997. An individual-based model that predicts extinctions and dynamics of protist predators and prey. Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America. Vol: 78. Ecological Society of America. Albuquerque, NM. Pages 259.
Journal Article Holyoak, Marcel; Lawler, Sharon; Crowley, Philip H. 2000. Predicting extinction: Progress with an individual-based model of protozoan predators and prey. Ecology. Vol: 81. Pages 3312-3329. (Online version)
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