Theories for sustainable futures: Understanding and managing for resilience in human-ecological systems

Principal Investigators:

Lance H. Gunderson, Crawford S. Holling, and Garry Peterson

This proposal seeks support to prepare materials and conduct a short course at NCEAS, on the subject "Theories for Sustainable Futures: Understanding and Managing for Resilience in Human-Ecological Systems". We propose to hold two meetings at NCEAS and locate a post-doctoral position there to help develop models and interactive material for the world wide web. The first workshop will bring together an interdisciplinary group of scholars (ecologists, mathematicians, economists, sociologists and political scientists) to produce a book and a set of... more

Participants and Meetings

ActivityDatesFurther Information
Workshop17th—19th March 1999Participant List  
Postdoctoral Fellow6th May 1999—5th August 2000Participant List  
Workshop21st—23rd May 1999Participant List  
Working Group3rd—5th February 2000Participant List  
Working Group15th May—1st June 2000Participant List  

Participant Contact Information

Jim Addisjaddis@aol.comWisconsin Department of National Resources
Pille Bunnellpille@interchange.ubc.caLife Works
Stephen R. Carpentersrcarpen@facstaff.wisc.eduUniversity of Wisconsin
Lee Gassgass@zoology.ubc.caUniversity of British Columbia
Lance H. Gundersonlgunder@emory.eduEmory University
Crawford S. HollingUniversity of Florida
Steve Department of National Resources
Garry Petersongarry.peterson@su.seUniversity of Florida
Lowell PritchardEmory University
Frances Westleywestley@management.mcgill.caMcGill University
T. Douglas Bearddbeard@usgs.govUniversity of Wisconsin
Paul C. Hansonpchanson@wisc.eduUniversity of Wisconsin
Marco A. University
Jeffery S. Allenjeff@strom.clemson.eduClemson University
Guy Barnettguy.barnett@dwe.csiro.auCommonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
Kristen of Minnesota
Anirban Gangulyaganguly@ces.iisc.ernet.inIndian Institute of Science
Marieke Heemskerkmheemskerk@yahoo.comUniversity of Florida
Robert Hilderbrandbobh@cc.usu.eduUtah State University
Buzz Hollingholling@zoo.ufl.eduUniversity of Florida
James Hutchinsjchutchins@students.wisc.eduUniversity of Wisconsin, Madison
Tim LynamUniversity of Zimbabwe
Allyson Quinlanaquinlan@consecol.orgConservation Ecology
April Randlearandle@zoo.ufl.eduUniversity of Florida
Emmanuel Rauffletraufflet@management.mcgill.caMcGill University
Pawel Academy of Sciences
Maria University
Adam Wattsawatt01@learnlink.emory.eduEmory University

Products: Publications, Reports, Datasets, Presentations, Visualizations

TypeProducts of NCEAS Research
Report or White Paper Ganguly, Anirban. 2001. A case-study on community forestry in India in the World Resources Report. World Resources Report, 2000-2001. (Online version)
Presentations Gunderson, Lance H. 2000. Modeling for management. Nature Conservancy's International Science and Stewardship Conference, 15 February 2000. Orlando, FL.
Book Gunderson, Lance H.; Holling, Crawford S. 2001. Panarchy: Understanding Transformations in Human and Natural Systems. Island Press. Washington, DC. Pages 450. (Online version)
Book Chapter Gunderson, Lance H.; Holling, Crawford S.; Peterson, Garry. 2001. Surprises and sustainability: Cycles of renewal in the Everglades. Edited by Gunderson, L.; Holling, C. S.. Panarchy: Understanding Transformations in Human and Natural Systems. Island Press. Washington, DC. Pages 315-332. (Online version)
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Presentations Peterson, Garry. 1999. Adaptive management of fire in north Florida, 15 June 1999. CSIRO Tropical Ecology Center. Darwin, Australia.
Presentations Peterson, Garry. 1999. Ecology and construction. Construction Ecology and Metabolism, 6-7 May 1999 . Conference Center for Sustainable Construction. Gainsville, FL.
Presentations Peterson, Garry. 1999. Theories for sustainable futures.
Presentations Peterson, Garry. 2000. Adaptive management in north Florida, 18 April 2000. Department of Biological Sciences, Florida Atlantic University. Boc Raton, FL.
Presentations Peterson, Garry. 2000. Contagious disturbance, ecological memory, and the emergence of ecological pattern. 15th U.S. Landscape Ecology Symposium, 15-19 April 2000. Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
Journal Article Peterson, Garry. 2000. Political Ecology and ecological resilience: An integration of human and ecological dynamics. Ecological Economics. Vol: 35. Pages 323-336. (Online version)
Report or White Paper Peterson, Garry. 2000. Theories for sustainable futures short course. National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis Report. (Online version)
Journal Article Peterson, Garry; Cummingham, S.; Deutsch, L.; Erickson, Jon D.; Quinlan, Allyson; Raez-Luna, E.; Tinch, R.; Troell, M.; Woodbury, P.; Zens, S. 2000. The risks and benefits of genetically modified crops: A multidisciplinary perspective. Conservation Ecology. Vol: 4. Pages 13. (Online version)
Journal Article Peterson, Garry; Heemskerk, Marieke. 2001. Deforestation and forest regeneration following small-scale gold mining in the Amazon: The case of Suriname. Environmental Conservation. Vol: 28(2). Pages 117-126. (Online version)
Book Chapter Peterson, Garry. 2001. Multiple stable states and landscape resilience. Edited by Gergel, S. E.; Turner, M. G.. Learning Landscape Ecology: A Practical Guide to Concepts and Techniques. Springer-Verlag. New York. Pages 166-186. (Online version)
Book Chapter Peterson, Garry. 2002. Using ecological dynamics to move towards an adaptive architecture. Edited by Kibert, C.; Sendzimir, J.; Guy, G.B.. Construction Ecology: Nature as the Basis for Green Buildings. Spon Press. London. Pages 127-150. (Online version)
Report or White Paper Peterson, Garry. Modelling guide.
Report or White Paper Peterson, Garry. Sustainable futures course plan.
Journal Article Pritchard, Lowell; Folke, Carl; Gunderson, Lance H. 2000. Valuation of ecosystem services in institutional context. Ecosystems. Vol: 3. Pages 36-40. (Online version)
Presentations Tengo, Maria. 2000. Management in Northern Tanzania, June 2000. International Association for Common Property Resources.
"Theories for sustainable futures: Understanding and managing for resilience in human-ecological systems" is project ID: 2120