Community structure and interaction diversity in insect-plant assemblages

Principal Investigators:

Thomas M. Lewinsohn

I propose to review various ways in which patterns, or structure, can be detected and estimated in association matrices of herbivorous insects and their host plants, at different spatial scales. Predicted and observed patterns can be linked to local and turnover, or alpha and beta, components of regional diversity; also, to food-web properties such as compartmentation or connectance. Analytical and statistical methods and their theoretical underpinnings are to be explored using an extensive data set of flowerhead-feeding insects associated with... more

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Sabbatical Fellow24th August—20th December 1998Participant List  

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Thomas M. Lewinsohnthomasl@unicamp.brUNICAMP

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Report or White Paper Lewinsohn, Thomas M. 1998. Activities during Sabbatical at NCEAS. (Online version)
"Community structure and interaction diversity in insect-plant assemblages" is project ID: 2126