Results to Date

The hydrological regimes working group is in the process of writing and submitting manuscripts that summarize their work. At present, these include the following which are in various stages (some already submitted for publication):

1. Margaret A. Palmer, Glenn E. Moglen, Nancy E. Bockstael, Shane Brooks, James E. Pizzuto, Cameron Wiegand, and Keith VanNess. 2001. The Ecological Consequences of Changing Land Use for Running Waters with a Case Study of Urbanizing Watersheds in Maryland. Yale Bulletin of Environmental Science. in press.

2. Christer Nilsson, James E. Pizzuto, Glenn E. Moglen, Margaret A. Palmer, Emily H. Stanley, Nancy E. Bockstael, and Lisa C. Thompson. Ecological Forecasting and Running-Water Systems: Challenges for Economists, Spatial Analysts, Hydrologists, Geomorphologists, and Ecologists. (PDF Format) or MS Word Format

3. Lee Benda, N. LeRoy Poff, Margaret A. Palmer, Christina Tague, Nancy Bockstael, James Pizzuto, Emily Stanley, Glenn Moglen, Scott Cooper. Avoiding train wrecks in interdisciplinary environmental problem solving. (PDF Format) or MS Word Format

Figures for Trainwreck document

4. Margaret A. Palmer, N. LeRoy Poff, Robert J. Naiman, Louis J. Gross, Christer Nilsson, and Lee Benda. Submitted. Predicting the response of freshwater ecosystems to land use change.

5. David L. Strayer, R. Edward Beighley, Lisa Thompson, Shane Brooks, Christer Nilsson, Gilles Pinay, and Robert J. Naiman. Effects of land-cover change on stream ecosystems: roles of empirical models and scaling issues. (uses Chesapeake Bay watershed as model system)

6. Glenn Moglen and Edward Beighley. Submitted. Past, present, and future peak flows throughout an urbanizing Piedmont Watershed. (uses Chesapeake Bay watershed as model system)

7. R. Edward Beighley and Glenn E. Moglen. Assessment of stationarity in rainfall: runoff behavior in urbanizing watersheds. (Submitted to ASCE Journal of Hydrologic Engineering)