Comparative Studies of Abundance and Species Richness Patterns among Mammalian Nematodes

Principal Investigators:

Per Arneberg

My research interests are in the domain of macroecology. I am doing comparative studies of abundance and species richness patterns among mammalian nematodes. Papers have been published so far in The American Naturalist (Arneberg et al. 1998, 151: 497-513), Oikos (Arneberg et al. 1997, 80: 289-300) and Proceedings of The Royal Society of London, Series B (Arneberg et al. 1998, 265:1283-1289).

The questions I ask are about general determinants of abundance and species richness in communities of nematodes in mammals. Thus, I aim to focus directly... more

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Center Associate25th October—26th November 1999Participant List  

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Per Arnebergper.arneberg@hi.noUniversity of Tromso/Universitetet i Tromsø

Products: Publications, Reports, Datasets, Presentations, Visualizations

TypeProducts of NCEAS Research
Journal Article Arneberg, Per. 2001. An ecological law and its macroecological consequences as revealed by studies of relationships between host densities and parasite prevalence. Ecography. Vol: 24. Pages 352-358. (Abstract) (Online version)
Journal Article Arneberg, Per. 2002. Host population density and body mass as determinants of species richness in parasite communities: Comparative analyses of directly transmitted nematodes of mammals. Ecography. Vol: 25. Pages 88-94. (Online version)
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