Ecology and Economics

Principal Investigators:

Joan Roughgarden

The work so far in ecological economics has been important in many respects but remains, in a sense, marginal to fundamental economic and ecological thought. We propose to examine what we believe are more foundational issues than previous workshops.

Here are some of the issues that have surfaced:

To what extent is a fundamental reevaluation of economic theory warranted by considering ecological constraints. Many economists believe that ecology can be properly dealt with simply by accounting for environmental externalities and... more

Participants and Meetings

ActivityDatesFurther Information
Workshop29th May—1st June 1996Participant List  

Participant Contact Information

Sally BlowerUniversity of California, San Francisco
William Brockbrock@macc.wisc.eduUniversity of Wisconsin
Gardner M. Browngbrown@u.washington.eduUniversity of Washington
Graciela Chichilniskygc9@columbia.eduColumbia University
Sean R. University
Lawrence GoulderStanford University
Michael HanemannMichael.Hanemann@asu.eduUniversity of California, Berkeley
Geoffrey Healgmh1@columbia.eduColumbia University
Charles Kolstadkolstad@econ.ucsb.eduUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
Daniel McFaddenmcfadden@econ.Berkeley.EDUUniversity of California, Berkeley
John of Bristol
William W. Murdochmurdoch@lifesci.ucsb.eduUniversity of California, Santa Barbara
Stephen W. Pacalapacala@princeton.eduPrinceton University
Charles of York
Hugh P. Possinghamhugh.possingham@tnc.orgUniversity of Adelaide
Ronald H. Pulliampulliam2@uga.eduUS National Biological Service
Joan Roughgardenjoan.roughgarden@hawaii.eduStanford University
David Starrettdstar@forsythe.stanford.eduStanford University
Roberton WilliamsWilliams@rff.orgResources for the Future

Products: Publications, Reports, Datasets, Presentations, Visualizations

TypeProducts of NCEAS Research
Journal Article Armsworth, Paul R.; Roughgarden, Joan. 2001. An invitation to ecological economics. Trends in Ecology & Evolution. Vol: 16. Pages 229-234. (Online version)
Book Chapter Roughgarden, Joan; Armsworth, Paul R. 2001. Ecological economic theory for managing ecosystem services. Edited by Press, M. C.; Huntly, N.; Levin, S.. Ecology: Achievement and Challenge. Blackwell. London. Pages 337-356.
Journal Article Roughgarden, Joan. 2001. Guide to diplomatic relations with economists. Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America. Vol: 82. Pages 85-88. (Online version)
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