Detritus and dynamics of populations, food webs and communities

Principal Investigators:

John C. Moore, and Quan Dong

Food web theory was developed in large part on the pathway of primary production from plants to herbivores to predators even though most primary productivity is uneaten by herbivores and enters the food web as detritus. What happens to this dominant chunk of the world's productivity? Is the detrital food web a self-contained sink internally recycling energy and nutrients or a link that affects the population dynamics of classic herbivore webs? Do these dynamics differ with system productivity or among habitats, e.g., aquatic versus terrestrial?... more

Participants and Meetings

ActivityDatesFurther Information
Working Group13th—15th April 2001Participant List  
Graduate Student1st September 2001—30th August 2002Participant List  
Working Group29th January—3rd February 2002Participant List  
Working Group4th—9th November 2002Participant List  
Working Group24th—26th April 2003Participant List  
Working Group22nd—24th September 2005Participant List  
Working Group8th—11th May 2008Participant List  

Participant Contact Information

David C. Colemandavec@uga.eduUniversity of Georgia
Peter C. de RuiterPeter.deRuiter@wur.nlUniversiteit Utrecht
Ricardo Diazrdiaz@unco.eduUniversity of Northern Colorado
Quan Dongqdong@usgs.govFlorida International University
Alan Hastingsamhastings@ucdavis.eduUniversity of California, Davis
H. William Huntbillh@nrel.colostate.eduColorado State University
Nancy C. Johnsonnancy.johnson@nau.eduNorthern Arizona University
Kevin S. McCannksmccann@uoguelph.caMcGill University
Peter J. Morinpjmorin@rci.rutgers.eduState University of New Jersey, Rutgers
Knute Nadelhofferknute@umich.eduMarine Biological Laboratory
Amy Rosemondamy.rosemond@gmail.comUniversity of Georgia
Kate Scowkmscow@ucdavis.eduUniversity of California, Davis
Donald R. Strongdrstrong@ucdavis.eduUniversity of California, Davis
Michael J. Vannivannimj@muohio.eduMiami University
Diana H. Walldiana@nrel.colostate.eduColorado State University
Kimberly A. Melville-Smithkimberly.melville-smith@colostate.eduUniversity of Northern Colorado
John C. Moorejcmoore@nrel.colostate.eduUniversity of Northern Colorado
Duncan Callawaydscallaway@ucdavis.eduUniversity of California, Davis
David M. University
John L. Sabojohn.l.sabo@asu.eduArizona State University
Eric L. Berlowericberlow@gmail.comUniversity of California, Berkeley
Neil Rooneynrooney@uoguelph.caUniversity of Guelph
Mark A. Bradfordmark.bradford@yale.eduUniversity of Georgia
Alan P. Covichalanc@uga.eduUniversity of Georgia
Beth Hagenemhagen@asu.eduArizona State University
Matthew Wallensteinmawallen@nrel.colostate.eduColorado State University
Colleen T. Webbctwebb@lamar.colostate.eduColorado State University
Elizabeth M. Wolkoviche.wolkovich@ubc.caDartmouth College

Products: Publications, Reports, Datasets, Presentations, Visualizations

TypeProducts of NCEAS Research
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Journal Article Moore, John C.; Berlow, Eric L.; Coleman, David C.; de Ruiter, Peter C.; Dong, Quan; Hastings, Alan; Johnson, Nancy C.; McCann, Kevin S.; Melville-Smith, Kimberly A.; Morin, Peter J.; Nadelhoffer, Knute; Rosemond, Amy; Post, David M.; Sabo, John L.; Scow, Kate; Vanni, Michael J.; Wall, Diana H. 2004. Detritus, trophic dynamics and biodiversity. Ecology Letters. Vol: 7. Pages 584-600. (Online version)
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