Intercomparison of global scale ecological models and field data: EMDI II (Hosted by NCEAS)

Principal Investigators:

Kathy A. Hibbard

Understanding global-scale ecosystem responses to changing environmental conditions is important both as a scientific question and as the basis for making policy decisions. The confidence in regional models depends on how well the field data used to develop the model represent the region of interest, how well the environmental driving variables represent the region of interest, and how well regional model predictions agree with observed data for the region. To assess the accuracy of global model forecasts of terrestrial carbon cycling, the first... more

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Journal Article Del Grosso, Stephen; Parton, William J.; Stohlgren, Thomas; Zheng, Daolan; Bachelet, Dominique; Prince, Stephen D.; Hibbard, Kathy A.; Olson, Richard J. 2008. Global potential net primary production predicted from vegetation class, precipitation, and temperature. Ecology. Vol: 89(8). Pages 2117-2126. (Online version)
Report or White Paper Olson, Robert J.; Johnson, Kirk R.; Zheng, Daolan; Scurlock, Jonathan. 2001. Global and regional ecosystem modeling: Databases of model drivers and validation measurements. Environmental Sciences Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Pages 84.
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