The role of plants as landscape modulators in controlling biodiversity

Principal Investigators:

Moshe Shachak

The issue of biodiversity has received increasing attention as a consequence of the unprecedented loss of species and their habitats in response to environmental changes. A central, frontier topic in biodiversity studies concerns the factors controlling the flow of species from regional pools to local assemblages. My main assumption is that the filtering of species is determined, to a large extent, by a few major species that modify the landscape mosaic, termed Landscape Modulators. I propose to compile ideas and data on the effects of different... more

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Sabbatical Fellow1st July—30th September 2004Participant List  
Sabbatical Fellow28th January—7th April 2005Participant List  

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Moshe of California, Santa Barbara

Products: Publications, Reports, Datasets, Presentations, Visualizations

TypeProducts of NCEAS Research
Presentations Shachak, Moshe. 2005. A multi scale overlook: From patch to ecosystem management in the Mediterranean region. Active Management of Mediterranean Ecosystems: Upscaling the Lesson from Ramat Hanadiv, 11-14 April 2005.
Presentations Shachak, Moshe. 2005. Nebkha formation, sand dunes modulation and biodiversity at Nitzzanim. LTER Workshop, 15 May 2005.
Journal Article Shachak, Moshe; Boeken, Bertrand; Groner, Elli; Kadmon, Ronen; Lubin, Yael; Meron, Ehud; Ne'eman, Gidi; Perevolotsky, Avi; Shkedy, Yehoshua; Ungar, Eugene. 2008. Woody species as landscape modulators and their effect on biodiversity patterns. BioScience. Vol: 58(3). Pages 209-221. (Online version)
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