Narrowing the gap between theory and practice in mycorrhizal management

Principal Investigators:

Jason D. Hoeksema, Nancy C. Johnson, and James A. Umbanhowar

Research on interactions between plants and their symbiotic mycorrhizal fungi has increased dramatically during the last decade, generating a confusing body of theoretical and empirical results. Simultaneously, there has been an explosion in commercial applications of mycorrhizal fungi in agriculture, horticulture, forestry and ecosystem restoration. Considering the unexpected consequences of many human introductions of non-native plants and animals, and our current lack of understanding of the factors controlling mutualistic performance of mycorrhizas,... more

Participants and Meetings

Working Group Participants
ActivityDatesFurther Information
Working Group20th—23rd January 2005Participant List  
Working Group2nd—5th November 2005Participant List  
Working Group27th April—2nd May 2006Participant List  

Participant Contact Information

Lynette K. of Western Australia
James D. Beverjbever@indiana.eduIndiana University
Bala Chaudharyvbc2@nau.eduNorthern Arizona University
Catherine Gehringcatherine.gehring@nau.eduNorthern Arizona University
Jason D. Hoeksemajason.hoeksema@gmail.comUniversity of California, Santa Cruz
Nancy C. Johnsonnancy.johnson@nau.eduNorthern Arizona University
John N. Klironomosjohn.klironomos@ubc.caUniversity of Guelph
R. Michael Millerrmmiller@anl.govArgonne National Laboratory
John C. Moorejcmoore@nrel.colostate.eduUniversity of Northern Colorado
Peter Moutoglismoup@premiertech.comPremier Tech Biotechnologies
Chris Piconecpicone@mtholyoke.eduMount Holyoke College
Mark W. Schwartzmwschwartz@ucdavis.eduUniversity of California, Davis
Suzanne Simardsuzanne.simard@ubc.caUniversity of British Columbia
William Swensonthink.goedel@gmail.comUniversity of California, Riverside
James A. Umbanhowarjumbanho@unc.eduUniversity of Guelph
Gail W. Wilsongail.wilson@okstate.eduKansas State University
Catherine Zabinskicathyz@montana.eduMontana State University
Michael Amaranthusdrmike@mycorrhizae.comMycorrhizal Applications, Inc.
Roger Koiderkoide@psu.eduPennsylvania State University
Anne Pringlepringle@oeb.harvard.eduHarvard University
Lawrence Walterslawrence.walters@nau.eduNorthern Arizona University

Products: Publications, Reports, Datasets, Presentations, Visualizations

TypeProducts of NCEAS Research
Dissertation or Thesis Chaudhary, Bala. 2006. Functions of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi at ecosystem and community scales in semi-arid shrublands. M.S. Thesis. Northern Arizona University .
Presentations Chaudhary, Bala. 2006. It's a dryworld afterall: Functional ecology of arid ecosystems. International Conference on Mycorrhizas, July 2006. Granada, Spain.
Data Set Chaudhary, Bala; Walters, Lawrence; Hoeksema, Jason D.; Johnson, Nancy C.; Umbanhowar, James A. 2006. MycoDB: Database for meta-analyses of mycorrhizal inoculation. (Online version)
Dissertation or Thesis Chaudhary, Bala. 2009. Structure and function of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal communities across several spatial scales. Ph.D. Dissertation . Northern Arizona University .
Journal Article Chaudhary, Bala; Walters, Lawrence; Bever, James D.; Hoeksema, Jason D.; Wilson, G. A. 2010. Advancing synthetic ecology: A data management technique to facilitate complex ecological meta-analyses. Ecology Letters. (Online version)
Presentations Hoeksema, Jason D. 2009. Context-dependency in plant response to mycorrhizal fungi: A meta-analysis. Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society of America, August 5, 2009. Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Journal Article Hoeksema, Jason D.; Chaudhary, Bala; Gehring, Catherine; Johnson, Nancy C.; Karst, Justine; Koide, Roger; Pringle, Anne; Zabinski, Catherine; Bever, James D.; Moore, John C.; Wilson, Gail W.; Klironomos, John N.; Umbanhowar, James A. 2010. A meta-analysis of context-dependency in plant response to inoculation with mycorrhizal fungi. Ecology Letters. Vol: 13. Pages 394-407. (Online version)
Journal Article Hoeksema, Jason D.; Bever, James D.; Chakraborty, Sounak; Chaudhary, Bala; Gardes, Monique; Gehring, Catherine; Hart, Miranda; Housworth, Elizabeth Ann; Kaonongbua, Wittaya; Klironomos, John N.; Lajeunesse, Marc J.; Meadow, James F.; Milligan, Brook; Piculell, Bridget; Pringle, Anne; Rúa, Megan; Umbanhowar, James A.; Viechtbauer, Wolfgang; Wang, Yen Wen (Denny); Wilson, Gail W.; Zee, Peter. 2018. Evolutionary history of plant hosts and fungal symbionts predicts the strength of mycorrhizal mutualism. Communications Biology. (Abstract) (Online version)
Presentations Johnson, Nancy C. 2005. Managing indigenous AMF. Ecological risks associated with introduction of commercial inocula around the world. Produccion de Inoculantes de Micorriza Arbusculares. Caracas, Venezuela.
Journal Article Johnson, Nancy C.; Hoeksema, Jason D.; Bever, James D.; Chaudhary, Bala; Gehring, Catherine; Klironomos, John N.; Koide, Roger; Moore, John C.; Moutoglis, Peter; Schwartz, Mark W.; Simard, Suzanne; Swenson, William; Umbanhowar, James A.; Wilson, Gail W.; Zabinski, Catherine; Miller, R. Michael. 2006. From Lilliput to Brobdingnag: Extending models of mycorrhizal function across scales. BioScience. Vol: 56(11). Pages 889-900. (Online version)
Journal Article Johnson, Nancy C.; Chaudhary, Bala; Hoeksema, Jason D.; Moore, John C.; Pringle, Anne; Umbanhowar, James A.; Wilson, Gail W. 2009. Mysterious mycorrhizae? A field trip and classroom experiment to demystify the symbioses formed between plants and fungi. American Biology Teacher . Vol: 71(7). Pages 424-429. (Online version)
Journal Article Moore, John C.; Berlow, Eric L.; Coleman, David C.; de Ruiter, Peter C.; Dong, Quan; Hastings, Alan; Johnson, Nancy C.; McCann, Kevin S.; Melville-Smith, Kimberly A.; Morin, Peter J.; Nadelhoffer, Knute; Rosemond, Amy; Post, David M.; Sabo, John L.; Scow, Kate; Vanni, Michael J.; Wall, Diana H. 2004. Detritus, trophic dynamics and biodiversity. Ecology Letters. Vol: 7. Pages 584-600. (Online version)
Journal Article Schwartz, Mark W.; Hoeksema, Jason D.; Gehring, Catherine; Johnson, Nancy C.; Klironomos, John N.; Abbott, Lynette K.; Pringle, Anne. 2006. The promise and the potential consequences of the global transport of mycorrhizal fungal inoculum. Ecology Letters. Vol: 9. Pages 501-515. (Online version)
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