Patterns in microbial biodiversity (Extended)

Principal Investigators:

Brendan J.M. Bohannan, Jennifer Hughes Martiny, Peter J. Morin, and Anna-Louise Reysenbach

Microorganisms represent the vast majority of Earth's biodiversity and they play a crucial role in nearly every process of environmental importance. However we know very little about how microbial diversity is generated and maintained. Our ignorance is due in part to the isolation of microbial diversity studies from the general study of biodiversity. The proposed working group will bring together microbial biologists who are gathering microbial diversity data and ecologists who study biodiversity, to share tools and approaches, to look for patterns... more

Participants and Meetings

ActivityDatesFurther Information
Working Group29th April—2nd May 2005Participant List  

Participant Contact Information

Brendan J.M. Bohannanbohannan@uoregon.eduStanford University
James H. Brownjhbrown@unm.eduUniversity of New Mexico
Robert K. Colwellrobert.colwell@uconn.eduUniversity of Connecticut
Jed A. Fuhrmanfuhrman@usc.eduUniversity of Southern California
Jessica L. Greenjlgreen@uoregon.eduUniversity of California, Merced
M. Claire Horner-Devinemchd@u.washington.eduUniversity of Washington
Matthew Kanemkane@nsf.govNational Science Foundation
Jennifer Kruminsjennadam@eden.rutgers.eduState University of New Jersey, Rutgers
Cheryl Kuskekuske@lanl.govLos Alamos National Laboratory
Mathew A. Leiboldmleibold@mail.utexas.eduUniversity of Texas, Austin
Jennifer Hughes Martinyjmartiny@uci.eduBrown University
Peter J. Morinpjmorin@rci.rutgers.eduState University of New Jersey, Rutgers
Gerard Muyzerg.muyzer@tnw.tudelft.nlDelft University of Technology
Shahid Naeemsn2121@columbia.eduColumbia University
Lise Ovreaslise.ovreas@im.uib.noUniversity of Bergen
Owen of Sheffield
Anna-Louise Reysenbachreysenbacha@pdx.eduPortland State University
Val H. Smithvsmith@ku.eduUniversity of Kansas
James T. Staleyjtstaley@u.washington.eduUniversity of Washington
David M. Wardumbdw@montana.eduMontana State University

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