Thermodynamics of trophic interactions: Toward a reconciliation of energy and elements

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Mark Ritchie

Management of the world's ecosystems in the face of changes in climate, availability of carbon, nitrogen and other elements, and invasion of new species will require a much better understanding of trophic interactions. The study of trophic interactions has historically focused on either the exchange of energy or of critical limiting elements, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, or carbon. These separate currencies generally prevent ecologists from fully understanding variation in the magnitude of trophic interactions and element fluxes across environments... more

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Sabbatical Fellow1st September 2005—31st August 2006Participant List  

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Mark Ritchiemeritchi@syr.eduSyracuse University

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TypeProducts of NCEAS Research
Journal Article Bagchi, Sumanta; Ritchie, Mark. 2012. Body size and species coexistence in consumer-resource interactions: A comparison of two alternative theoretical frameworks. Theoretical Ecology. Vol: 5(1). Pages 141-151. (Online version)
Journal Article Grace, James B.; Anderson, T. Michael; Smith, Melinda D.; Seabloom, Eric W.; Andelman, Sandy J.; Meche, Gayna; Weiher, Evan; Allain, Larry K.; Jutila, Heli; Sankaran, Mahesh; Knops, Johan; Ritchie, Mark; Willig, Michael R. 2007. Does species diversity limit productivity in natural grassland communities?. Ecology Letters. Vol: 10. Pages 680-689. (Online version)
Book Ritchie, Mark. 2010. Scale, Heterogeneity, and the Structure and Diversity of Ecological Communities. Edited by Simon A. Levin and Henry S. Horn Monographs in Population Biology Series. Princeton University Press. New Jersey. (Online version)
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