This page is the gateway to the data collected during the SCB Recovery Plan review project.

IMPORTANT There are two (2) versions of the recovery plan database available:

The primary database contains data for each of the 181 recovery plans reviewed during the SCB project. These data were collected from the most recently approved version of each plan (i.e., the latest revision if a plan had been revised, and the original plan if unrevised). This is the appropriate data to use for most analyses because plan revisions supercede earlier versions.

The second version of the database contains data for the original version of revised recovery plans, in addition to the data contained in the primary database. Among the plans reviewed during the SCB study, 61 had been revised at least once. Thus, this dataset contains records for 242 recovery plans (181 + 61). These data should only be used if analyses require paired comparisons between original and revised versions of recovery plans. Click here to view original + revised data.


Due to the very large size of the database, the data have been split into small files that are faster to download and easier to import into spreadsheets. To preserve the data structure established by the data-collection Instrument, data were subdivided by form (Forms 1 through 13); data from larger forms were further subdivided by column (identified by letter). All files are comma-delimited text (.CSV format).

Within the data files, each row contains data from one of the reviewed recovery plans that is identified by code names for the species and its recovery plan. Columns contain data from specific cells in the data-collection Instrument that are identified by alphanumeric codes for the row and column from the Instrument. The data-collection Instrument and the Key to the data-collection Instrument should be used to identify subject matter addressed in each data file, and to cross-reference the meaning of data response codes. The Species Codes file should be used to cross-reference species codes with full scientific and common names.

Form 1

Form 2
Species status trend data (replaces Q82 on Form 2)
Key to species status trends (replaces codes for Q82 in Key to the Instrument)

Form 3
Column:  A    B    C    D    E    F

Form 4
Column:  G    H    I    J    K
Questions 168 and 169

Form 5
Column:  L    M    N    O    P    Q    R    S    T    U    V    W

Form 6
Column:  X    Y    Z    AA    BB    CC    DD
Questions 294 - 304

Form 7
Column:  EE    FF    GG    HH    II    JJ    KK    LL    MM    NN

Form 8
Column:  OO    PP    QQ    RR    SS    TT    UU    VV    WW    XX

Form 9
Column:  YY    ZZ    AAA    BBB    CCC    DDD

Form 10

Form 11
Column:  EEE    FFF    GGG    HHH    III    JJJ    KKK    LLL    MMM    NNN

Form 12
Column:  OOO    PPP    QQQ    RRR    SSS    TTT    UUU    VVV

Form 13
Column:  WWW    XXX    YYY    ZZZ    ABC

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