Project Publications

The papers listed below were developed and published as part of the Recovery Plan Review Project. Fourteen of the papers can be found in a June 2002 Special Feature in Ecological Applications.

Boersma, P. D. 1999. SCB to conduct national review of recovery plans. SCB Newsletter 6:12.

Boersma, P. D., and S. DeWeerdt. 2001. Tapping the ivory tower: how academic-agency partnerships can advance conservation. Conservation Biology in Practice 2:28-32.

Boersma, P. Dee, Peter Kareiva, William F. Fagan, J. Alan Clark, and Jonathan M. Hoekstra. 2001. How good are endangered species recovery plans? BioScience 51:643-650.

Brigham, Christy A., Alison G. Power, and Alison Hunter. 2002. Evaluating the internal consistency of recovery plans for federally endangered species. Ecological Applications 12:648–654.

Campbell, Steven P., J. Alan Clark, Lisa H. Crampton, Anne D. Guerry, Leila T. Hatch, Parviez R. Hosseini, Joshua J. Lawler, and Raymond J. O'Connor. 2002. An assessment of monitoring efforts in endangered species recovery plans. Ecological Applications 12:674–681.

Clark, J. Alan and Erik Harvey. 2002. Assessing multi-species recovery plans under the Endangered Species Act. Ecological Applications 12:655–662.

Clark, J. Alan, Jonathan M. Hoekstra, P. Dee Boersma, and Peter Kareiva. 2002. Improving U.S. Endangered Species Act recovery plans: key findings and recommendations of the SCB recovery plan project. Conservation Biology, in press.

Crouse, Deborah T., Loyal A. Mehrhoff, Mary J. Parkin, Diane R. Elam, and Linus Y. Chen. Endangered species recovery and the SCB study: a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Perspective. Ecological Applications 12:719–723.

Gerber, Leah R. and Leila T. Hatch. 2002. Are we recovering? An evaluation of recovery criteria under the U.S. Endangered Species Act. Ecological Applications 12:668–673.

Gerber, Leah R. and Cheryl B. Schultz. 2001. Authorship and the use of biological information in endangered species recovery plans. Conservation Biology 15:1308-1314.

Harvey, Erik, Jonathan M. Hoekstra, Raymond J. O'Connor, and William F. Fagan. 2002. Recovery plans revisions: progress or due process? Ecological Applications 12:682–689.

Hatch, Leila, Marνa Uriarte, Daniel Fink, Laura Aldrich-Wolfe, Richard G. Allen, Colleen Webb, Kelly Zamudio, and Alison Power. Jurisdiction over endangered species’ habitat: the impacts of people and property on recovery planning. Ecological Applications 12:690–700.

Hoekstra, Jonathan M., Clark, J. Alan, William F. Fagan, and P. Dee Boersma. 2002. A comprehensive review of Endangered Species Act Recovery Plans. Ecological Applications 12:630–640.

Hoekstra, Jonathan M., William F. Fagan, and Jeffrey E. Bradley. 2002. A critical role for critical habitat in the recovery planning process? Not yet. Ecological Applications 12:701–707.

Kareiva, Peter M. 2002. Applying ecological science to recovery planning. Ecological Applications 12:629.

Lawler, Joshua J., Steven P. Campbell, Anne D. Guerry, Mary Beth Kolozsvary, Raymond J. O'Connor, and Lindsay C. N. Seward. 2002. The scope and treatment of threats in endangered species recovery plans. Ecological Applications 12:663–667.

Lundquist, Carolyn J., Jennifer M. Diehl, Erik Harvey, and Louis W. Botsford. 2002. Factors affecting implementation of recovery plans. Ecological Applications 12:713–718.

Morris, William F., Philip L. Bloch, Brian R. Hudgens, Leonie C. Moyle, and John R. Stinchcombe. 2002. Population viability analysis in endangered species recovery plans: past use and future improvements. Ecological Applications 12:708–712.

Schultz, Cheryl B. and Leah R. Gerber. 2002. Are recovery plans improving with practice? Ecological Applications 12:641–647.

Stinchcombe, J., L. C. Moyle, B. R. Hudgens, P. L. Bloch, S. Chinnadurai, and W. F. Morris. 2002. The influence of the academic conservation biology literature on endangered species recovery planning. Conservation Ecology 6(2): 15. [online] URL:

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