In-residence Scholars

In-residence scholars at NCEAS play an integral role is supporting the NCEAS mission and many of them work on research projects that synthesize a broad range of existing information. While in residence at NCEAS, scholars are encouraged to interact with other residents and visiting scientists. NCEAS strongly encourages resident scholars to also collaborate with Working Groups when research interests align.

In addition to scientific collaboration opportunities, NCEAS offers residents a number of opportunities to gain valuable professional development experience. For example, NCEAS provides training to help prepare residents to effectively communicate with press and the media and technical training to familiarize scholars with the latest in Informatics.

Our resident scholars include postdoctoral researchers. NCEAS provides a non-traditional model for postdoctoral scholarship that has had tremendous, documentable success since NCEAS' establishment in 1995. Unlike postdoctoral researchers at other institutions, NCEAS postdoctoral researchers tend to be more self-directed and benefit greatly from sustained interactions with other visiting and in-residence scholars. Reflections of past postdoctoral associates can be found in: Postdoctoral Fellowships at NCEAS: The Inside Story 2008

NCEAS residents may also include scholars on sabbatical or others working on or promoting collaborative synthetic science. While NCEAS will provide resident scholars with office space, technology and support, scholars must provide their own funding while working at NCEAS. The duration of stay for resident scholars varies depending on the nature of their research.


List of current resident scholars
List of past resident scholars