Calculate Elevation Zone Threshold Maps Using ArcMap GIS and Digital Elevation Models

This example demonstrates use of the ArcMap GIS software and Digital Elevation Model data distributed by the USGS to constuct Elevation Zone Threshold maps for large (e.g., 10**4 km **2 area) study area sites.

An NCEAS Postdoctoral Fellow needed to compute for 46 worldwide study sites the percentage of each site falling within a series of 100 meter 'wide' elevation zones. The global distribution and large size of the study sites mandated a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) source with world wide coverate at a consistant spatial resolution and accuracy. The zone analysis was best performed by a Geographic Information System (GIS)

NCEAS Scientific Computing identified two DEM data sources to cover the 46 sites: the USGS 1:250,000 scale DEMs for North American sites, and the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM), also distributed by the USGS, for sites located in the rest of the world. ESRI's ArcMap GIS Ver 9 software was used to construct the DEMs for each site and conduct the elevation zone analysis

Example Digital Elevation Model for One Site:

Result: Elevation Zone Threshold map for the Site:

Link to Complete Details: Read the following report

Project Report/Tutorial: Calculating Elevation Zone Thresholds