NCEAS Summer Institute – 22 Participants Selected out of Nearly 400 Applicants

The National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) is pleased to announce the twenty-two participants (listed below) that have been chosen to participate in the NCEAS Summer Institute, a three-week intensive training workshop in ecological analysis and synthesis for early-career researchers.

NCEAS was pleasantly surprised by both the quantity and high caliber of the nearly 400 international applicants for this year’s pilot workshop that will take place at NCEAS’s collaboration center in Santa Barbara, CA from June 19 through July 10, 2013. “We are thrilled to see the level of enthusiasm for the Summer Institute,” said Stephanie Hampton, deputy director of NCEAS. “Our instincts told us there was pent-up demand for this type of technical and analytical training, but we had no idea so many early career scientists would apply. The caliber of applicants this year was incredibly impressive, making it really challenging to narrow down the list of participants to only 5% of the applicant pool. Those not selected should be certain that we got the message – we will work hard to expand our training, and find ways to bring your talent and energy to NCEAS.”

Participants will receive hands-on guided experience using best practices in the technical aspects that underlie successful synthesis – from data discovery and integration to analysis and visualization, and special techniques for collaborative scientific research. The training will emphasize integration of statistical analysis into well-documented workflows through the use of open-source, community-supported programming languages that are well suited for rapid yet robust implementation of scientific data analyses. During course work, participants will explore new approaches to open, reproducible science that can support environmental synthesis.

This summer’s pilot workshop is funded by the Packard Foundation. Based on the overwhelming response to the initial training offering and the feedback provided by Summer Institute participants, NCEAS will evaluate options for scaling up future offerings to provide greater access to training in ecological analysis and synthesis to meet the ongoing demand from scientists throughout their career.


NCEAS Summer Institute 2013 participants

Sharon  Baruch-Mordo The Nature Conservancy
Isabella Bertani University of Parma
Jill R. Bourque U.S. Geological Survey
Iain Caldwell University of Hawaii
Jennifer Costanza North Carolina State University
Cristian Dambros University of Vermont
Kristen Dybala University of California, Davis
Xueying (Shirley) Han University of California, Santa Barbara
David J. Harris University of California, Davis
Alison Haupt Northwest Fisheries Science Center
Shalene Jha University of Texas, Austin
Holly Jones Northern Illinois University
A. Michelle Lawing University of Tennessee (NIMBioS)
Jonathan Lefcheck Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Antonin Machac State University of New York, Stony Brook
Michelle McCrackin Washington State University
Erika Mudrak Iowa State University
Sarah H Olson Wildlife Conservation Society, Canada
Steve Powers University of Notre Dame
Narcisa Pricope Southern Oregon University
Sigrid Smith University of Michigan
Brittany Teller Pennsylvania State University


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Posted on May 2, 2013