Trainings in Environmental Data Science

We train researchers in environmental data science to help increase their efficiency and productivity, enabling their science to inform solutions more quickly and effectively. Our trainings in synthesis and open science tools and methods build capacity among data-oriented researchers in academic institutions, government agencies, and NGOs and from all stages of their careers.

Most of our trainings are organized and customized for specific groups. We occasionally offer trainings that are open to a broader community.

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Upcoming open trainings

Data Science for Arctic Research

This 5-day workshop will provide Arctic researchers with an overview of best practices in data management, training in data science tools, and concrete steps and methods for documenting and uploading data (and metadata) to NSF's Arctic Data Center. Apply by Friday, March 30, 2018.

When: August 13-17, 2018
Where: NCEAS, Santa Barbara, CA
More details and apply

Sample training opportunities

Below is a sampling of our environmental data science trainings, many of which are conducted through our collaborative initiatives.

Open Science for Synthesis (OSS)

This intensive, hands-on training provides early career and established researchers skills in scientific synthesis, reproducible science, scientific programming, and data management through the use of open-source, community-supported tools. Gain access to the curriculum on our GitHub repository.

Environmental data management, preservation, and analysis

Opportunities to learn best practices and practical tools for reproducible science are available through DataONE, our partnership effort that connects earth science data centers worldwide. DataONE offers in-person trainings, as well as virtual opportunities like webinars and screencast tutorials. Visit the DataONE education page for the latest opportunities.

R and GitHub for ocean science

Our Ocean Health Index research team offers tutorials and trainings in open data science, specifically for using R, RStudio, git, and GitHub. Visit their training page for the latest opportunities.

Arctic data management

Arctic researchers can benefit from trainings offered by the Arctic Data Center, one of our collaborative initiatives. Trainings focus on effective means for long-term data management, using a curriculum from the open science community. They are often held in conjunction with Arctic research conferences. Visit the Center’s training page for the latest opportunities.