NCEAS Visiting Fellows

Visiting Fellows are researchers or practitioners who come to the center for a short time (a few weeks to a few months) to benefit from on-site resources, collaborations, and/or trainings. Motivations for their stay can include to engage with an on-going project at NCEAS or to scope and launch new project(s) that are relevant to the NCEAS mission.

Visiting Fellows are expected to be in residence for the majority of their fellowship, and are encouraged to leverage the center's computational and informatics resources and expertise. A separate Senior Fellows program is for those interested in a long-term residency and a more sustained role in the NCEAS community and mission.

To Apply

Send a C.V. and cover letter that briefly describes:

  • Motivation for residence at NCEAS
  • Area(s) of expertise
  • Goals for your work at NCEAS
  • Expected period(s) of residence at NCEAS
  • How you envision benefiting and contributing to the NCEAS community

Email your application materials to halpern [at] (Ben Halpern), NCEAS executive director.

Applicants are evaluated based on how well the proposed work fits with the NCEAS mission, the candidate's record of excellence, and space availability.

2019 Visiting Fellows

Eric Berlow
Director, Vibrant Data Labs

Rich Williams
Scientist, Vibrant Data Labs

2017-2018 Visiting Fellows

Michael Burrows
Scottish Association for
Marine Science

Roundtable talk: Going Further Towards 'Understanding Marine Biological Impacts of Climate Change': Developing from the NCEAS workshop experience

Thorsten Blenckner
​Stockholm Resilience

Roundtable talk: Tipping Points, Recovery Potential and Baselines in Marine Systems