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Gifts to NCEAS support visiting distinguished scholars, postdoctoral associates, NCEAS residents, graduate student fellowships, research internships, technology enhancements, distinguished lecture series, Distributed Graduate Seminars, and the NCEAS Excellence Fund. Gifts to the Excellence Fund provide the Director with flexibility to direct gifts to the area of greatest need.

NCEAS was established in 1995 with a grant from the National Science Foundation. Since that time, major funding from the National Science Foundation along with other foundations has allowed NCEAS to fulfill its primary mission of organizing and synthesizing ecological information in a manner vital to researchers, students, resource managers and policy makers. The impact of NCEAS has been expansive and penetrating.


Areas of Need

  • Visiting Distinguished Scholars - Income helps provide significant support for the teaching and research responsibilities of a distinguished NCEAS scholar
  • Postdoctoral Associates - Income provides money to bring an early career scientist to NCEAS on an annual or short-term basis
  • NCEAS Resident Scholar Awards - Income provides support for a resident scholars to acquire new skills and/or training
  • Graduate Student Fellowships/Research Internships - Income from this fund provides partial funding to deserving graduate students
  • Technology Enhancements - Income from this fund supports new tools and enhancements to existing technology
  • Distinguished Lecture Series - Income from this fund will provide for a distinguished lecturer
  • Distributed Graduate Seminars -Income from this fund allows students and faculty from nationally or globally distributed universities to collaborate remotely in a research project and convene at NCEAS for a final synthesis at the project's end
  • NCEAS Excellence Fund - Gifts to the Excellence Fund provide the Director with flexibility to enhance the excellence of NCEAS by directing the gift to the area of greatest need
  • Endowment - Provide funding beyond the traditional level of support

Please contact us to discuss any of these areas of need and naming opportunities associated with these funds.


NCEAS 20th Anniversary Report

For the past two decades, NCEAS has brought together scientists, policy-makers, and resource managers in dynamic Working Groups, with the goal of tackling significant questions in ecology and the environment in order to rapidly advance scientific understanding and address critical environmental challenges for the benefit of society. The Anniversary Report explores the impacts NCEAS has had over the last 20 years, celebrates our collaborators, and highlights the programs which are driving future collaborations and discovery.