George Bird Grinnell

American ornithologist, publisher, and conservationist. While at Yale, Grinnell helped Marsh with his monograph on Cretaceous toothed birds and took part in Marsh's first expedition to the West in 1870. Grinnell took over Forest and Stream and became its editor in 1880 with financial assistance from his father, a New York financier. Member of the American Ornithologists' Union from shortly after its founding in 1883. Grinnell founded the first Audubon Society in 1886 and began publication of its Audubon Magazine the next year, but folded both of them in 1888 when public interest in bird conservation waned. Along with Roosevelt, he cofounded the Boone and Crockett Club in 1887. Not to be confused with the mammalogist Joseph Grinnell.


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