Raymond Pearl (1879-1940)

American population ecologist and geneticist. Pearl popularized the quantitative methods of Pearson and Lotka, having worked with Pearson in London. Unlike Pearson, Pearl became a Mendelian (1910). After moving to Hopkins Pearl began a research program on the population ecology of Drosophila (1919) and introduced the idea of logistic growth (1920). Pearl was a political progressive who strongly supported the eugenics movement in the early 1920s, before it was scientifically discredited. Friend of E. M. East, H. L. Mencken, W. M. Wheeler, and G. U. Yule. Pearl's research in the late 1920s was generously funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. In 1928 - 1929 Wheeler tried and failed to get Pearl hired at the Bussey Institute, Harvard University. Pearl founded the Quarterly Review of Biology (1926) and Human Biology (1929).


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