Lefalophodon: Copyright Disclaimer

Copyright Disclaimer

I receive letters every few weeks (and sometimes even more!) asking me for permission to make use of the images that appear on this site. I have the same response in every case: I do not own the copyright for any of the images, which I scanned from widely-available books in most cases. These images are presented for educational, non-profit use as part of a personal web site that has no connection to the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis, the University of California, the National Science Foundation, or any other organization. As far as I know, they are absolutely not to be copied for any purpose without the explicit permission of the book publisher, author, or other entity that does own copyright.

To help you obtain permission, I have given full references for the images when I know them. Unfortunately, a series of images were scanned in 1997 from very old (pre-World War II) library books, and I have since lost the original references. In those cases, I am not able to offer much help in tracking down the current copyright owners.

In sum, please do not contact me over copyright issues, as I know nothing of any use apart from what is stated on this page.

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