North American Mammalian Paleofaunal Database: Search Engine

North American Mammalian Paleofaunal Database: Search Engine

This is the NAMPFD search engine, created and maintained by John Alroy. Please read the search tips at the bottom of this page before you start a search!

Once you are ready, specify the field you want to search using the pull-down menu below. The number of allowable search terms is exactly one, except for faunal list (any), strat unit and county (one or two), and genus species (exactly two). You may narrow the search by land-mammal age if you wish.

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About the database - important search tips

There are no dinosaurs in this database. Nor are there any other non-mammalian vertebrates like turtles, crocodiles, or birds; marine animals of any kind; or data from anywhere other than North America.

Strat units only include members, formations, and groups. Epoch and land-mammal age names like "Eocene" and "Wasatchian" are not strat units! There is no way to search for epochs because such searches would return far too many links, but your search can be narrowed by land-mammal age.

There are no state or country search fields because, once again, such searches would return far too many links.

Common English names for mammals like "mammoth" do not work. Only proper Latin genus and species names like "Mammuthus" are searchable.

You do not have to type full names into the search field. "Elwyn" will work just as well as "Elwynella."

The search program is case-insensitive. "EQUUS" will work just as well as "Equus" or "equus."

Partial references are provided; just click on the author name at the beginning of each list. The references omit titles and page numbers, which you may be able to find at the Bibliography of Fossil Vertebrates.

The records are in the following format:

Faunal list name
[Author YEAR  synonymous list names  Member, Formation  County, State
  other information]
Genus sp.
Genus sp.
An example is:
Dell Creek Quarry
[Dorr 1978  UM-Sub-Wy Locality 1  Hoback Fm.
  Hoback Basin, Sublette Co. WY
said to be late Tiffanian]
level: HbckC 1
Ptilodus ["Neoplagiaulax"] fractus
Ectypodus powelli
Ptilodontidae indet.
Diacocherus minutus [Gingerich 1983c: "Leptacodon cf. ladae"
  and "L. packii"]
Palaeosinopa dorri [Gingerich 1980c: type; "P. simpsoni"]
cf. Niphredil radagasti [Gingerich 1980a]
Ignacius frugivorus
Plesiadapis fodinatus
Chiromyoides potior
Carpocristes ["Carpodaptes"] hobackensis [type]
Aaptoryctes ivyi [Gingerich 1982c: "cf. Gelastops sp."]
Protictis ["Didymictis"] dellensis [type]
[small carnivoran or creodont]
Thryptacodon australis
Dorraletes ["Haplaletes"] diminutivus [type]