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Juliann E. Aukema

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Personal Statement:
I am committed to the conservation of the planet’s biological diversity and to the equitable and sustainable use of natural resources in all societies of the globe. I believe that science must play a key role in achieving this goal. I believe that without combining rigorous scientific research with involvement in the community, conservation science cannot be meaningful and effective.

My recent research has been on the economic and ecosystem impacts of non-native forest insects and pathogens and the effectiveness of different control measures and policies (our latest paper in PLoS One and coverage in Miller-McCune, Conservation Magazine,  The Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times), and on ecosystem services and climate change adaptation. I'm also very interested in the spatial ecology of plant-animal interactions, particularly mistletoes and their avian seed dispersers.

For research, collaboration, and consulting see Aukema Conservation Science.

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Juliann Aukema

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