My research looks at the patterns and processes that underlie fire disturbance and ecosystem recovery, particularly in tropical forests. The tropics is a region marked by rapid landscape transformation and waves of frontier expansion that leave a patchwork of degraded and recovering forests amidst a matrix of human-dominated land uses. Fire is an integral tool in the transformation and management of these landscapes, as well as a pervasive threat to the longevity of tropical forests. Yet, our understanding of natural fire regimes and the consequences of human-altered fire frequencies in tropical forests is limited.


Jennifer K. Balch, Ph.D.

Department of Geography

University of Colorado-Boulder

Guggenheim 110, 260 UCB

Boulder CO 80309-0260


Twitter: Fire Works Lab @DrBalch

Research highlights:

Abrupt increases in Amazonian tree mortality due to drought–fire interactions by Paulo Brando, Jennifer Balch and colleagues. PNAS Open Access

Drought and fire change sink to source by Jennifer Balch.

Nature Article

Cheatgrass increases fire across the U.S. Great Basin by Jennifer Balch and colleagues. Global Change Biology Abstract

Predictors of tree mortality from experimental Amazon fires by Jennifer Balch and colleagues. Forest Ecology & Management Abstract

Fire in the Earth System by David Bowman, Jennifer Balch, et al. Science 24 April 2009: 481-484.

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