Derek K. Gray

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I consider teaching to be one of the great privileges of a career in academics. I have experience delivering guest lectures for two undergraduate courses, have acted as a teaching assistant for five different courses, and have co-supervised three undergraduate student research projects.

I have also gained teaching experience by volunteering for outreach projects. During my postdoc at NCEAS I volunteered with the Kids Do Ecology Program that teaches students in Grade 5 classrooms about the scientific method and a career in science. During my Ph.D. I volunteered with a local group that teaches students in grades 5-8 about science and nature (Kingston Junior Naturalists). I am excited and eager to learn more about teaching as my career progresses.


Lessons I have taught as a guest lecturer:

  • Factors controlling the structure of freshwater zooplankton communities (Queen’s University, Ecology of Lakes and Streams, Biol-410)
  • The recovery of Killarney Park zooplankton communities from acidification (Queen’s University, Ecology of stressed and recovering ecosystems, Biol-407)
Courses I have taught as a teaching assistant:
  • Ecology of stressed and recovering ecosystems (Queen’s University, Biol-407) ·        
  • Data management and analysis (Queen’s University, Biol-243)
  • Introduction to biology of organisms (Queen’s University, Biol-103)
  • Biological Diversity (University of Windsor, 55-140)
  • Cell Biology (University of Windsor, 55-141)

Courses I look forward to teaching at the undergraduate or graduate level:

  • Statistics and Data Management for Biology Students
  • Population and Community Ecology
  • Aquatic Ecology
  • Introductory Biology
  • Invertebrate Diversity
  • Field Ecology


field course 2011
Acting as a Teaching Assistant for the Queen's University field
course "Ecology of Stressed and Recovering Ecosystems"


teaching coring
Assisting Queen's undergrad honours student Kim Lemmen with her field research


kingston junior naturalists 2010
Volunteering with the Kingston Junior Naturalists

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