Duncan Menge


Bison, Yellowstone NP, Wyoming
Heaviest land animal native to North America. Not a buffalo

Dassie, Cape Point, South Africa
Known elsewhere in Africa as a hyrax, its closest relative is the elephant

Kea, Franz Josef Glacier, Westland NP, New Zealand
World's only alpine parrot, known for striking poses and destroying cars

Moose, Grand Tetons NP, Wyoming
Tallest animal native to the Americas

Square-lipped (white) rhinos, Hluhluwe
Mfolozi NP, South Africa
Heavier and less rare than the hook-lipped (black) rhino

Koala, New South Wales, Australia
So cute, even when pooping

Tasmanian devil, Tasmania, Australia
Sadly, Devil Facial Tumor Disease (DFTD), a transmissable cancer, is decimating devil populations

Short-beaked echidna, New South Wales, Australia
Along with the platypus and three species of long-beaked echidna, one of the few extant (in existance) monotremes (egg-laying mammals)

Bennett's wallaby and joey, Freycinet NP, Tasmania, Australia
Kangaroos and wallabies look and act a lot like deer, but are more closely related to Tasmanian devils and koalas
There are such many examples of convergent evolution between monotremes, marsupials, and placentals,
such as echidnas and hedgehogs or antechinus and mice

Giraffe, Hluhluwe Mfolozi NP, South Africa
Baby giraffes begin life with a 2 meter drop to the ground

Lion, Kruger NP, South Africa
The only cat that lives in organized social groups

Jackass penguin, Boulders Beach, South Africa
Also known as the African penguin, it never sees snow or ice.  In fact, many penguins don't, including the tropical Galápagos penguin

Nile crocodiles, Kruger NP, South Africa
The crocodilian body plan has not changed much for millions of years

Yellow-bellied marmot, Whitney Portal Trail, Inyo National Forest, California
It really wanted my sandwich

Pronghorn antelope, Lamar Valley, Yellowstone
NP, Wyoming
North America's only species of antelope

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