Duncan Menge


Mt. Banner and Thousand Island Lake, California
Banner is 12,936' (3,943 m), Thousand Island Lake is 9,833' (2997 m)

Mills Lake, Rocky Mountain NP, Colorado
Mills Lake is at 9,940' (3,030 m)
Picture taken by fellow hiker, name unknown

Louisa Peak, Westland NP, New Zealand
Which direction is North?

Borel Hill, Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve, California
2,572' (784 m)
Picture taken by Christina Lee

Kosciuszko NP, Australia
The tallest peak in Australia, Mt. Kosciuszko is 7,310' (2,228 m).  This picture is on the trail nearby

Mt. Adams seen from Mt. Rainier, Washington
Adams is 12,281' (3,743 m)

Ingraham Glacier, Mt. Rainier NP, Washington
Rainier is 14,410' (4,392 m)

Mitre Peak, Fiordlands NP, New Zealand
5,551' (1,692 m)

Mt. Whitney, Inyo National Forest, California
14,494' (4,421 m)

Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve, California

Lakes Trail, Sequoia NP, California

Summit Crater, Mt. Rainier NP, Washington
14,410' (4,392 m)
Picture taken by fellow climber, name unknown

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