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The following are nice GUIs for implementing some community ecology tests to examine structure in communities generated by competition, facilitation or habitat structuring.

, Software for Assessing the Reliability of Null Model Tests in Ecology, Ladau and Ryan, 2008

MPower is a user-friendly program for determining which null model tests in the application EcoSim (Gotelli and Entsminger 2007) are reliable for analyzing your ecological data. MPower is key for ensuring that you draw accurate inferences from your ecological data.

CoOccur, Software for Implementing Robust Null Model Tests in Ecology, Ladau et al., 2008

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is a user-friendly program that implements robust null model tests developed in Ladau and Schwager (2008). The tests allow reliable inferences about interspecific interactions for a wide array of presence-absence data sets.


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Ladau, J. and Ryan, S.J. 2010. MPowering ecologists: community assembly tools for community assembly rules. Oikos 119(7): p. 1064-1069 [PDF]

Ladau, J. and S.J. Schwager. 2008. Robust hypothesis tests for independence in community assembly.
J. Mathematical Biology 57(4): 555