This page has links or descriptions of courses, workshops and lectures I have given, or in some way taught.

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I strongly believe in sharing teaching material and cooperatively building coursework and exercises.

2003, 2006 Wildlife Ecology, (ESPM 114, UC Berkeley) (TA, sometimes lecturer)
Harvesting Models (ppt)
Life table analysis (ppt)
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2006: Workshop: Introduction to GIS for Habitat Analysis and Home Range Estimation. (SCB/SCGIS meeting)

Workshop lecture (ppt)
Coursework handout (pdf)
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2008: Past and Present Pestilence (ANTSCI 178/278, Stanford University) (Course designer and Lecturer)
            Course website - lectures (pdfs)

2010: DIMACS/MBI US - African BioMathematics Initiative: Workshop and Advanced Study Institute on Conservation Biology (Co-organizer and teacher)
            Course website