I love all things data.  My current position is project manager for DataUp, formerly Data Curation for Excel (DCXL). We are creating tools to help researchers organize, describe, and share their data.  In general, I am excited about the science of data: how to store it, how to access and use it, and the various socio-cultural issues associated with it.  Before getting involved with data, I was a marine ecologist.  My experiences as a scientist included conducting field collections and experimental work, studying genetics, and creating population models.  I am using my scientific background to contribute a unique perspective to the field of Information Science.

Data Curation Project Manager

Contact Information

  1. Carly Strasser, PhD

  2. DataUp Project Manager: DataUp website

  3. UC Curation Center, California DIgital Library

  4. University of California Office of the President

  5. 415 20th Street, Oakland CA 94612

  6. carly.strasser@ucop.edu

  7. twitter: @carlystrasser

The sections of this website are a brief summary of my background.  You can view my complete CV as a PDF.

Carly Strasser

California Digital Library, University of California Office of the President