NCEAS Project 12112

Analysis and Conservation Prioritization of Landscape Connectivity in Nevada

  • Erica Fleishman

ActivityDatesFurther Information
Working Group21st—23rd May 2008Participant List  

We will develop a rigorous scientific assessment of landscape connectivity from the perspective of multiple system components that can be used to inform management and policy in Nevada. The Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act and the Lincoln County Conservation, Recreation, and Development Act are examples of specific, current opportunities to use science to prioritize land acquisition and allocation of multiple land uses. We will examine natural and, especially, anthropogenic drivers that may affect connectivity for riparian systems, sagebrush steppe, sage grouse, and pronghorn. This process, and its application to management and policy, will be enhanced by participation of a multidisciplinary group of approximately 20 scientists and practitioners who are dedicating their time and expertise to the effort. We anticipate that products of geospatial analyses will be used to explore alternative scenarios of land use, climate change, and management options in Nevada. We anticipate that the products will be used by scientists, land managers, policy makers, and other stakeholders.