NCEAS Project 12134

Wild salmon ecosystems

  • Erica Fleishman

ActivityDatesFurther Information
Working Group27th February—1st March 2007Participant List  

Climate is a major driver of the geographic distribution and abundance of salmon. Climate change is occurring globally, but there has been no organized effort to evaluate the potential effects of climate change on populations of salmon and the ecosystems they inhabit. Sufficient data and expertise exist to conduct such an assessment. Developing and implementing a process to synthesize the data is the critical step toward achieving this evaluation. This effort initiated the process of prioritizing research questions and approaches on the potential effects of climate change on salmon. In late February and early March 2007, a multidisciplinary group of more than 30 scientists and practitioners with relevant expertise convened in Santa Barbara. These experts identified the most important topics related to the potential effects of climate change on salmon and their ecosystems and began to develop a strategic framework for conducting targeted analyses and syntheses of existing data.