NCEAS Project 12194

Valuation of marine ecosystem services

  • Erica Fleishman

ActivityDatesFurther Information
Working Group11th—12th October 2007Participant List  
Working Group23rd—25th April 2008Participant List  
Working Group6th—7th November 2008Participant List  
Working Group5th—6th February 2009Participant List  

NCEAS and the California Ocean Protection Council are collaborating to examine existing methods of market and non-market valuation of marine ecosystem services. Participants in this workshop will compile a lexicon related to market and non-market valuation of ecosystem services. In addition, the group will outline available strategies for deriving the value of ecosystem services and associated uncertainties in measurement or interpretation. Participants will develop a preliminary list of services in coastal marine California that are expedient and tractable to value. They also will help to scope the potential for valuation of one or more services by future working groups of economists and ecologists.

TypeProducts of NCEAS Research
Presentations Fleishman, Erica. 2008. Valuing California's coastal resources and ecosystem services. Wetlands Recovery Project Symposium, San Diego, California.
Report or White Paper Raheem, Nejem; Talberth, John; Fleishman, Erica; Swedeen, Paula; Boyle, Kevin J.; Rudd, Murray A.; Lopez, Ricardo D.; O'Higgins, Tim; Willer, Chuck; Boumans, Roelof M. 2009. The economic value of coastal ecosystems in California. Pages 43.