NCEAS Project 12206

SDCI NMI improvements: Development of Kepler CORE -- a comprehensive, open, robust, and extensive scientific workflow infrastructure

  • Matthew B. Jones
  • Mark P. Schildhauer

ActivityDatesFurther Information
Working Group21st—23rd July 2008Participant List  

The UC Santa Barbara work on this project will include participation in project meetings, interaction with the broader scientific community about requirements for Kepler, and contributions to the development of the Kepler Core software. Specifically, UC Santa Barbara will oversee and manage the UCSB project and engage with domain scientists to elicit project requirement; the software engineer will participate in the design and refactoring of Kepler core for maintainability, extensibility, and new core features; and the build and support engineer will re-factor the build system to be NMI compliant, build the test system and write tests, as well as solicit test cases from the project developers and the broader community, and will create and maintain the collaboration infrastructure (web site, wiki, CVS, bug tracking, etc).

TypeProduct of NCEAS Research
Book Chapter Ludaescher, Bertram; Altintas, Ilkay; Bowers, Shawn; Cummings, Julian; Critchlow, T.; Deelman, Ewa; De Roure, David; Freire, Juliana; Goble, C. A.; Jones, Matthew B.; Klasky, Scott A.; McPhillips, Timothy; Podhorszki, N.; Silva, Claudio; Taylor, Ian; Vouk, M. 2009. Scientific Process Automation and Workflow Management. Edited by A. Shoshani, D. Rotem. Scientific Data Management: Challenges, Technology, and Deployment. Chapman & Hall/ CRC. Boca Raton, FL. Pages 467-496.