NCEAS Project 12634

Ecological thresholds in the San Francisco Estuary

  • Erica Fleishman

ActivityDatesFurther Information
Working Group19th—21st October 2010Participant List  

Land use in the San Francisco Estuary since the mid to late 1800s likely has altered the system to the point that traditional objectives for restoration (e.g., reversion of structure, composition, and function to the original state of the system) cannot be achieved. This working group will address three major issues through analysis of existing data and associated discussions about conceptual frameworks. First, we will address the scope of changes in system state in the San Francisco Estuary, especially with respect to productivity in the pelagic zone. Second, given evidence of changes in system state, we will investigate the future states of the estuary that may be possible, and the inputs (primarily ecological, but also economic and social) that would be necessary to achieve those states. Third, we will compare changes in system state in the San Francisco Estuary with other estuarine systems in and beyond the United States.