NCEAS Project 7362

Serengeti: The origins and future of a complex ecosystem (Extended)

  • Craig Packer

ActivityDatesFurther Information
Working Group27th October—1st November 2003Participant List  

At a third NCEAS meeting, we would finalize the chapters for Serengeti III and keep to a schedule whereby we submitted our manuscript to Chicago Press by Jan. 2004. The first Serengeti books were well regarded in their time, but Serengeti III will be one of the most innovative studies of a single ecosystem ever written. Every chapter forms an integral part of a unified approach to the study of complex ecosystem, starting with soils, working through plants, herbivores and carnivores. And at every level, we fully explore the feedback loop with human activities that are based on the decisions of individuals, of villages, regions, nations and the international community. And to top it off, we close the book with a new paradigm for sustaining a place like the Serengeti in a country as poor as Tanzania.