NCEAS Product 22145

Crandall, Keith A. 2006. Evolutionary significant units (ESU) table. (Abstract) (Online version)


This table was shared in conjunction with a working group project to assess the usefulness of algorithms and quantitative approaches to measuring biodiversity in terms of 'taxonomic distinctiveness' or 'independent evolutionary units'. The group evaluated whether and how phylogenetic information can be used to measure species value. Specifically, they analyzied the effects of sample size, topology, branch lengths and model of evolutionary change on various quantitative measures of phylogenetic diversity. The ESU crosshair classification used in this table is discussed in this publication: Crandall, K.A., Bininda-Emonds, O.R.P., Mace, G.M. and Wayne, R.K., Considering evolutionary processes in conservation biology: returning to the original meaning of "evolutionarily significant units". Trends in Ecology and Evolution 15(7):290-295 has more informaiton on this subject.