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National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis

Learning Hub

Build your capacity in environmental data science, collaborative analysis, and reproducible research.

The NCEAS Learning Hub is a place where researchers can learn the latest environmental data science skills and technologies, participate in a learning community, and streamline their research to inform solutions more efficiently.

Our Offerings

  • Select a Course

    Whether you are just beginning, self taught, or looking to expand your skills in open science collaboration, our intensive courses fast-track you towards a new level of efficiency.

  • Access Resources

    Open access to our course curricula, tutorials, and other resources to support self-guided development of best practices and knowledge in data science and science communication.

  • Get Mentorship

    Immerse yourself in the culture of open data science and develop new skills through our collaborative mentored teams like Openscapes or as a Data Science Fellow.


Upcoming Opportunities

What skills should the next generation of ecologists invest in to be able to answer complex questions about our changing world?  This video features some of today's brightest minds in ecology, whom NCEAS has supported, and their advice on what the bright minds of tomorrow will need.

Learning Hub Contacts

Learning Hub Team, Halina Do-Linh
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The training I received at NCEAS changed the way I do science!

Timothy Assal, U.S. Geological Survey