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National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis

Our fellowship programs provide researchers the opportunity to participate in environmental synthesis research or related activities on-site at NCEAS for short or long periods of time. We have fellowships for both early career and established researchers. 

Fellowship Programs

  • Data Science Fellows Program

    Data Science Fellows work with NCEAS data and informatics teams to solve data and software issues relating to environmental science; including documentation and archiving of important ecological, physical, and social science data.

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  • Ocean Health Index (OHI) Fellows Program

    A collaborative initiative of NCEAS and Conservation International, the Ocean Health Index (OHI) is a comprehensive framework for evaluating the conditions of many things people value about oceans. OHI Fellows learn how to weave open data science principles into marine science and conservation, and conduct the annual global Ocean Health Index assessment.

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  • Postdoctoral Fellows Program

    NCEAS hosts NSF Postdoctoral Fellows in Biology, UC Presidential Fellows, Smith Fellows, and more, who want to delve into data science methods that produce innovative research.

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  • Senior Fellows Program

    Senior Fellows are resident scholars who make NCEAS their home base and have a sustained interest in working on one or more of the themes of the NCEAS mission.

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  • Visiting Fellows Program

    Visiting Fellows are researchers or practitioners who come to the center for a short time to benefit from on-site resources, collaborations, and/or trainings.

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