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National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis

Turn big data into big insights that improve our world 

We periodically invite researchers to submit proposals for collaborative, synthesis research projects in both basic and applied environmental science. If selected, research teams, called working groups, meet one to two times per year at our headquarters in Santa Barbara, CA to focus on their projects.

Successful proposals present research questions that could benefit specifically from the synthesis of existing data and analysis by an interdisciplinary team. 

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Open Calls for Proposals

Working Group Model

Collaboration and diversity are among our core values, and team science is part of our approach. Our research is always conducted in working groups, a model we've pioneered for the field of ecology. 

Research proposals should reflect these values and approach. 

Calls for proposals are typically associated with one of the following initiatives.

  • Science for Nature and People Partnership (SNAPP)

    SNAPP is our collaboration with The Nature Conservancy and Wildlife Conservation Society to fill knowledge gaps and advance solutions to challenges that lie at the intersection of nature conservation, sustainable development, and human well-being. Teams are typically a mix of academic and non-academic researchers, sometimes also including experts from the realms of policy, management, and business. Calls for proposals are typically issued once a year between February and April.

    Learn more about SNAPP
  • Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) Network Synthesis

    Through the LTER Network Office, we solicit proposals for projects that synthesize and analyze data from one or more LTER sites. While all relevant ideas will be considered, the selection committee is most interested in ideas that could have high-impact results in the core LTER research areas. Principal investigators are strongly encouraged to contact the Network Office to briefly discuss ideas before submitting proposals.

    Learn more about LTER synthesis
  • Special Projects

    We occasionally convene one or more working groups to tackle a specific issue of interest to a funding partner, such as a foundation, consortium, or government agency.

    Learn more about partnering with us