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National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis

Data Science

Broadening the horizons of data's power.

We are global leaders in environmental data science

We run initiatives and develop tools that help researchers turn big data into big knowledge that can inform solutions.

Data science entails the theories, techniques, and tools that allow scientists to combine and integrate large amounts of data and draw meaningful insights from them. It goes hand-in-hand with synthesis science, which relies on access to existing data and the capacity to analyze them.

We develop tools and best practices in environmental data science to enhance scientists’ ability to access, share, integrate, and analyze environmental data. Our work makes the discovery process more efficient, transparent, and reproducible.

The end result is science that works better for society. 

Explore More Data Science

  • Data Tools

    Our tools support researchers, data managers, and computing infrastructure developers manage and analyze datasets.

  • Store and Share Your Data

    Through our KNB Data Repository, we make thousands of environmental datasets – generated at NCEAS and elsewhere – publicly available for free.

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  • Our Data Policy

    NCEAS requires the scientists we support to document and publish their datasets and code. Our own data science tools are open source, and we encourage a culture of data sharing and open access in environmental science.

    Read Our Data Policy