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National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis

Learning Hub events draw from the community of NCEAS residents who have expertise in a variety of tools and techniques used in synthesis science. All of the instructors have experience using these tools in real scientific research and in teaching them to others.

The Learning Hub Team

  • Camila Vargas Poulsen

    Camila Vargas Poulsen | Data Training Coordinator

    As part of the Learning Hub team, Camila manages, maintains, and develops the growing data science training portfolio. She is responsible for coordinating and conducting training sessions and providing data support to NCEAS’s working groups. Camila has experience managing several research projects' data and documenting and publishing data sets. She holds a Masters's in Environmental Science & Management from the Bren School at UCSB and is proficient in R & RStudio, GitHub, tidy data, structured metadata, and data visualization.

Our Instructors

  • Jeanette Clark

    Jeanette Clark

    Jeanette is a Projects Data Coordinator at NCEAS with extensive experience helping synthesis scientists find, synthesize, document, and publish datasets. She also helps maintain the Knowledge Network for Biocomplexity (KNB) data archive. She has expertise in R, GitHub, structured metadata, and data archival. Jeanette was introduced to data processing and data analysis through her academic background in physical oceanography, and enjoys applying this foundation to more interdisciplinary ecology research.

  • Man smiling with glasses in teeth

    Matthew B. Jones

    Matt is the Director of Informatics Research and Development at NCEAS and has expertise in environmental informatics, particularly software for management, integration, analysis, and modeling of data. Jones has taught at over 20 training workshops over a decade on data science topics including analysis in R, GitHub, programming (e.g., Python), data management, quality assessment and reporting, metadata and data infrastructure, scientific workflow systems, and other topics.