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National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis

Learning Hub events draw from the community of NCEAS residents who have expertise in a variety of tools and techniques used in synthesis science. All of the instructors have experience using these tools in real scientific research and in teaching them to others.

Our Instructors

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    Matthew B. Jones

    Matt is the Director of Informatics Research and Development at NCEAS and has expertise in environmental informatics, particularly software for management, integration, analysis, and modeling of data. Jones has taught at over 20 training workshops over a decade on data science topics including analysis in R, GitHub, programming (e.g., Python), data management, quality assessment and reporting, metadata and data infrastructure, scientific workflow systems, and other topics.

  • Amber Budden

    Amber Budden

    Amber is the Director of Learning and Outreach at NCEAS and lead of community engagement and outreach at DataONE and the Arctic Data Center. She holds a PhD in Ecology in addition to research experience in bibliometrics. She has coordinated and taught numerous workshops focused on data management for Earth and environmental science. Her skills include data management, science communication and outreach, and training evaluation.

  • Jeanette Clark

    Jeanette Clark

    Jeanette is a Projects Data Coordinator at NCEAS with extensive experience helping synthesis scientists find, synthesize, document, and publish datasets. She also helps maintain the Knowledge Network for Biocomplexity (KNB) data archive. She has expertise in R, GitHub, structured metadata, and data archival. Jeanette was introduced to data processing and data analysis through her academic background in physical oceanography, and enjoys applying this foundation to more interdisciplinary ecology research.

  • Julien Brun

    Julien Brun

    Julien is a scientific programmer at NCEAS with expertise in data analysis and programming, data management systems, GIS, and analytical modeling. He has worked extensively in systems like R, GitHub, Python, and UNIX. His scientific background is in Ecohydrology and Earth observation techniques (remote sensing and GIS).

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    Julia Stewart Lowndes

    Julia (a.k.a. Julie) is a marine ecologist, data scientist, and Mozilla Fellow at NCEAS. As founding director of Openscapes and science program lead of the Ocean Health Index, she works to increase the value and practice of environmental open data science. She loves teaching introduction to reproducible practices focused around R, RStudio, RMarkdown, Git, and GitHub. She is a co-founder of EcoDataScience and R-Ladies Santa Barbara and is a Carpentries instructor. She earned her PhD at Stanford University in 2012 studying drivers and impacts of Humboldt squid in a changing climate.

  • Bryce Mecum

    Bryce Mecum

    Bryce is a scientific software engineer with expertise in data analysis and programming and data management systems, including systems like R, GitHub, repository software, Python, and UNIX. He has a background in fisheries modeling and management, and builds software systems supporting environmental synthesis.