NCEAS Product 22168

Aguilar, Ramiro; Ashworth, Lorena; Aizen, Marcelo A. 2007. Plant reproductive susceptibility to habitat fragmentation meta-analysis. (Abstract) (Online version)


List of 89 plant species selected for the meta-analysis. For each species we show the botanical family, the value of effect size (Hedge's d) and its variance (Vd), the compatibility system (CS), pollination specialization (PS), life form (LF), habitat type, geographic region and the source publication where information was obtained. SI: self-incompatible, SC: self-compatible, S: specialist, G: generalist, T: tree, Sh: shrub, V: vine, H: herb, Hp: hemi-parasite, ep: epiphyte. ‡ (double dagger symbol) Species from which the effects of habitat fragmentation on the pollination process were also assessed and thus were evaluated in a separate meta-analysis (cf. Methods section). This table is part of the supplemntary material included with Ecology Letters, Ramiro Aguilar, Lorena Ashworth, Leonardo Galetto, Marcelo Adrián Aizen (2006), Plant reproductive susceptibility to habitat fragmentation: review and synthesis through a meta-analysis, Ecology Letters 9 (8), 968-980. doi:10.1111/j.1461-0248.2006.00927.x