NCEAS Product 5422

Liebhold, Andrew M. 1998. NCEAS interim report on the application of geostatistics in ecology. (Abstract) (Online version)


Geostatistics is a field of statistics that focuses on measuring and modeling variation through space and/or time. Geostatistical methods were originally developed for applications in the earth sciences. Recently there has been growing interest in the use of these methods for studying landscape-level ecological problems. While many ecologists have recognized the potential uses of geostsatistics in ecology, many of these applications have not occurred because there are no texts that are written in a way that ecologists can understand. Virtually all of the existing geoststatistics texts focus on geological problems. Thus, the purpose of the proposed Resident Fellow is to spend 3 months writing a text that introduces and explains geostatistics and how it can be applied to ecological problems. The text will rely heavily upon the use of examples for illustrating statistical procedures.